Link: http://dhcommons.org/journal


I was one of the founding board of the DHCommons project registry, which aimed to “match…digital humanities projects seeking assistance with scholars interested in project collaboration.” Since then, I was asked to serve as Co-Editor-in-Chief, along with Laurent Romary (Humbolt Universität Berlin) and Isabel Galina (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), of the DHCommons journal, which will be the official ADHO-sponsored publication of centerNet. The DHCommons journal has ambitious aims:

The DHCommons journal overlays and interacts with the DHCommons project registry and will provide peer review for mid-stage digital projects. The most ambitious aim of DHCommons is to make visible the important, developmental work that often goes unseen in the midst of a DH project and to help DH scholars claim departmental, disciplinary, and institutional credit for that labor. DHCommons will become the robust and recognizable system of academic credit that its practitioners require.

As the journal of centerNet, DHCommons aims to bridge the “evaluation gap” between the Digital Humanities and more traditional disciplinary scholarship. Digital projects often continue for many years as a continuum of work. Rather than building to a single publication moment as monographs do, digital projects often mark mark progress through a series of significant milestones. DHCommons will provide a concrete way to certify the value of long-standing, influential, but unfinished projects to colleagues unfamiliar with the contours of digital scholarship.

The project registry and journal are both in the midst of a redesign as we look forward to publishing our first issue in Spring 2015.

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