My single and co-authored publications.


  1. Newspapers and Periodicals
    Cordell, Ryan
  2. Material Cultures of the Digital
    Cordell, Ryan
  3. Going the Rounds: Virality in Nineteenth-Century American Newspapers
    Cordell, Ryan C.Smith, David A.Mullen, Abby and 2 more authors


  1. Speculative Bibliography
    Cordell, Ryan
    Anglia Sep 2020
  2. LoC
    Machine Learning + Libraries
    Cordell, Ryan
    Jul 2020


  1. Teaching Humanistic Data Analysis
    Cordell, Ryan C.
    Jul 2019


  1. Kaleidoscopic Pedagogy: The Idea of a C19 Classroom Laboratory
    Cordell, Ryan C., Doyle, Benjamin,  and Hopwood, Elizabeth
    Nov 2018
  2. A Research Agenda for Historical and Multilingual Optical Character Recognition
    Smith, David A,  and Cordell, Ryan
    Nov 2018


  1. BH
    "Q i-Jtb the Raven": Taking Dirty OCR Seriously
    Cordell, Ryan
    Book History Nov 2017
  2. AmP
    "Fugitive Verses": The Circulation of Poems in Nineteenth-Century American Newspapers
    Cordell, Ryan,  and Mullen, Abby
    American Periodicals: A Journal of History & Criticism Mar 2017


  1. AmP
    What Has the Digital Meant to American Periodicals Scholarship?
    Cordell, Ryan
    American Periodicals: A Journal of History & Criticism Mar 2016
  2. A Larger View of Digital American Studies
    Cordell, Ryan
    Amerikastudien/American Studies Mar 2016
  3. Special Collections for All: Open, Digital Archives to Public Writing in the Literature Classroom
    Cordell, Ryan C.
    Jul 2016
  4. DDH
    How Not to Teach Digital Humanities
    Cordell, Ryan C.
    Jul 2016


  1. ALH
    Reprinting, Circulation, and the Network Author in Antebellum Newspapers
    Cordell, Ryan
    American Literary History Aug 2015
  2. Viral Textuality in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Newspaper Exchanges
    Cordell, Ryan C.
    May 2015
  3. ALH
    Computational Methods for Uncovering Reprinted Texts in Antebellum Newspapers
    Smith, David A.Cordell, Ryan,  and Mullen, Abby
    American Literary History May 2015


  1. IEEE
    Detecting and Modeling Local Text Reuse
    Smith, David A., Cordel, Ryan,  Dillon, Elizabeth Maddock and 2 more authors
    In IEEE/ACM Joint Conference on Digital Libraries Sep 2014
  2. ACL
    Detecting and Evaluating Local Text Reuse in Social Networks
    Xu, Shaobin, Smith, DavidMullen, Abigail and 1 more author
    In Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Social Dynamics and Personal Attributes in Social Media Jun 2014


  1. DHQ
    "Taken Possession of": The Reprinting and Reauthorship of Hawthorne’s "Celestial Railroad" in the Antebellum Religious Press
    Cordell, Ryan
    Jun 2013
  2. "This Flattering Millennium Theory": Denominationalism against Millennialism in James Fenimore Cooper’s The Crater
    Cordell, Ryan
    Jun 2013
  3. IEEE
    Infectious Texts: Modeling Text Reuse in Nineteenth-Century Newspapers
    Smith, David A.Cordell, Ryan,  and Dillon, Elizabeth Maddock
    In 2013 IEEE International Conference on Big Data Oct 2013


  1. SAF
    "Enslaving You, Body and Soul": The Uses of Temperance in Uncle Tom’s Cabin and "Anti-Tom" Fiction
    Cordell, Ryan C.
    Studies in American Fiction Oct 2008