I’m cross-posting this from the course’s website.

This past Monday Technologies of Text took the train to the North End to visit The Printing Office of Edes & Gill, a colonial print shop adjacent to the Old North Church. The proprietor and master printer, Gary Gregory, was—quite simply—fantastic. When we arrived he closed the shop and gave us a special demo of his English Commons Press. Most incredibly, he even allowed the students (and me!) to operate the press, inking the type and pulling the lever to print the Boston edition of the Declaration of Independence. Afterwards he gave us the three copies our class printed. I cannot more highly recommend Edes & Gill for local college classes interested in the history of print. Christina’s and Zach’s posts about the trip are well worth reading.

While we were there I shot some (admittedly poor) pictures and one (better) video of our experience. Lots of students were taking pictures as well, and I hope to add some of their pictures soon. For now, however, I’ve embedded a slideshow of my pictures and the video below.