Yesterday DHCommons, a “ for digital humanists,” launched with a preconvention workshop at the MLA Convention in Seattle. It was an exciting event—17 DH experts shared their wisdom with nearly 100 participants eager to learn more about the field. The opening roundtables generated engaged questions from the crowds (we were too big for one room and so spread into two), and the small-group sessions hummed with conversation. I hope our participants came away excited about the possibilities for them in the digital humanities.

You can watch my opening remarks from the workshop here:

I was very excited to announce that DHCommons launches as a centerNet initiative. This partnership promises to help DHCommons expand and even internationalize. We’ll be seeking grant funding with centerNet to help us run workshops at future conferences, expand our outreach to humanities communities around the world, and set up a competetive micro-grant program that will help incentivize and validate interinstitutional collaboration on DH projects. There will be lots more news growing out of this partnership in the coming months: stay tuned.