This fall I taught a mostly-remote version of one of my favorite classes, the honors seminar “Building a (Better) Book” (BBB). You can read more about the class and this assignment in my previous post with project examples from this same class in Summer 2020, see this previous post. The main difference between Summer and Fall 2020 was that in the latter we were able to hold a few carefully staged in-person labs—as when students visited the press using individual appointments over the course of one day—and a handful of students were able to use press resources in their final projects.


You just have to check out Meghan’s player piano project—it’s an incredible artist’s book, well conceived from design to prose to execution.


Sarah made her own paper mold and used it to hand make the paper for her book in plastic tubs in her dorm room. This would be a remarkable project in any semester but seems especially remarkable in the unique circumstances of pandemic 2020.


I loved the playfulness, grounded in research, evidenced by Emma’s project.


Corrine was unable to share a presentation, but in some ways that might be better, because it will allow you to explore the Groundhog Day-style murder mystery she wrote in Twine without too much prompting. You may need to consult some images from the accompanying physical journal Corrine made as you play/read.


I hope these presentations give a flavor of the work that students do in “Building a (Better) Book.” I am so grateful to each of them for begin willing to share their work. I also can’t wait to be back together in person, welcoming you all again to community print events and classes at Huskiana.